“Where are you, Mate?” you might ask.

And I would say: “Everywhere!”


Weird? I will explain it but first let’s go to the beginning…


My name is Mate Valtr and I’m the one who runs the show here!

All my life (probably since I got my first LEGO for Christmas) I dreamed of building something that would be my very own playground yet something that would benefit others. At the same time nothing scared me more than a vision of my entire adult life spent in an office cubicle, working 9-5 for someone I don’t even care about.

A poster child of Millennials, I hear you say, haha.

But pain was real. How can someone like me with background in video production, photography and motion graphic escape the routine of office hours when doing what he loves?


But then a few coincidences happened! I moved from my small town in homeland Czech Republic into quite radically different environment of tropical Malaysia to work for a company where I learnt that it’s not only about skills you posses, but more importantly how you put them in use!

I found out there is dozens of people out – Bloggers, Keynote Speakers, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses – who might benefit from what I can offer!

And that’s when missing piece of puzzle locked in.

I came up with an idea how to bridge this gap between all those people in need of memorable presence (not only) on the vast oceans of internet and my desire to serve while maintaining my freedom.

Video Bumper Factory was born and up until now served more than 150 clients from all around the world, where most of them even left their excited raving Reviews!

In 2016 I finally quit my day job and went full-on with making Factory’s clients happy.


So what’s with that question?

So where I am?

Well, my ‘office’ is anywhere where is my laptop and WiFi connection. So you can find me anywhere from rice paddies of Bali, enjoying delicious cup of coffee in Saigon, climbing mountains in Nepal or just lepak (having a break and relax with friends) in Malaysia.

You can follow my journeys on my Instagram!

But Video Bumper Factory is not the only project of mine! There’s a lot of videos and photos going on as well! You can find more about my projects on my personal page http://matevaltr.com or Facebook.

Feel free to come and say hi!

With love,


Mate Valtr

Hi there, that’s me in Hanoi!


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