Every video bumper is always adjusted so it seamlessly fits with Your logo. Emphasis on quality is what Video Bumper Factory is all about. After all, that’s why you love us!

Futuro Shiner (NEW)

SPECIAL: 3 bumpers, 1 price

Darth Liner (NEW)

SPECIAL: 3 bumpers, 1 price

Marble Attack


Pastel Havoc (NEW)



Stripe Disintegration

The Big Bang 

Swishing Rotation

Break the Glass

Super-Duper Twist


Animation made from scratch and tailored solely to your beautiful logo. Want to be unique? This is your choice!



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standing for Frequently Asked Questions…

How do you differ from other sites?

I’m not selling just a template, but full service.

That means once you will send me logo, I will get it back to you moving.

There is a few sites out there that even sells templates they didn’t create, which means they ask their customers to pay twice – for template (which is not their) and implementation of logo.

Video Bumper Factory does both, which allows it keep price reasonably low.

+ Sound-design is always included in price! Could you imagine you go watch movie but those guys from cinema forget to turn sound on? 

Well, this is exactly what won’t happen to You with Video Bumper Factory!

What is the final format of your video animations that I will get?

All logo animations are by default created in Full HD, which means 1920x1080p. Then we export it into the most YouTube-friendly codec mp4/H.265. But if you like to have your animation in uncompress format or image sequence, please, don’t be shy! Tell me your requests and desires in Fill-Up Form part and I will listen!

How do I know it's not a scam and you only grab my online payment and then stop responding emails?

For online transactions I use exclusively PayPal which means that You are (same as me) protected by trusted middle man. Other than that, If I would try scam someone, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t provide my LinkedIn profile in About page 🙂

On website you sometime use plural, other time singular - is that a typo?

It’s not a typo.

At the moment Video Bumper Factory is operated by a single person – Me! (not counting my amazing friends who helped me put it into a shape).

So yeah, you can call it “inconsistency in web copies” which is definitely true! But can you imagine machist headline “Why am I so awesome” instead of moderately humble “Why are we so Awesome?”

So that’s why.

Video Bumper Factory - Closed notebook symbolising end of the story.